Simplify and control the purchase of non-sourced goods with Premikati Marketplace

When it doesn’t make sense to source a one-off or emergency purchase, turn to Premikati Marketplace Spot Buy. This innovative capability charged by SAP Ariba Procurement solutions provides:

  • An easy way to quickly find and buy what you need from among more than 10 million items
  • trusted source of supply from hundreds of pre-enabled suppliers
  • Control, because you customize it according to your policies and procedures, and then receive detailed data for monitoring and reconciling transactions

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find: When an item can’t be found in the company catalog, users search the SAP Ariba Spot Buy catalog, filtering results by category, brand, and price.
  2. Approve: Configurable business rules and spot buy-specific workflow enforce corporate policies.
  3. Buy: Approved purchase requisitions trigger checkout, secure payment, and shipment of goods.

* The use of SAP Ariba Spot Buy is subject to regional availability.