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Life Sciences

Your One-Stop Shop for SAP Ariba Solutions

Life sciences are at a critical juncture: rapidly evolving patient-centric models, personalized healthcare, technology advances, increasing regulatory requirements and the rise of empowered healthcare customers are transforming the industry.

Premikati helps pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and other companies leverage technology to build trust and patient engagement – while enhancing global health in new and innovative ways.

Let our expert consultants help your life science organization develop effective solutions to predict and respond to customer needs instantly, accelerate time to value, and deliver services that improve lives.

procurement solutions


9-16% in sourcing savings annually

Over 4 million suppliers globally

40x Invoices per FTE


SAP Ariba

Life Science Focused Procurement Solutions

  • Boost efficiency with streamlined procurement for research materials, equipment, and services.
  • Ensure transparency in the supply chain for sensitive life science products.
  • Leverage AI-driven analytics for intelligent purchasing decisions and compliance tracking.
  • Simplify collaboration with suppliers, contract research organizations (CROs), and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).


Life Science CLM Expertise

  • Accelerate contract management for clinical trial agreements, licensing deals, and supply contracts.
  • Monitor regulatory compliance (FDA, EMA, etc.) and industry-specific risk factors with AI-powered insights.
  • Streamline collaboration between legal, research, and commercial teams with seamless integration.
  • Access built-in templates for life science-specific contracts, including IP clauses, safety data provisions, and confidentiality agreements.


Rapid Deployment Specialists

  • Rapidly deploy industry-specific software solutions with our proven methodology.
  • Get personalized implementation plans, catered to your organization’s unique life science needs.
  • Receive extensive training and support from our experienced team of life science industry experts.
  • Benefit from our wealth of knowledge in life science best practices and regulatory compliance.

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procurement solutions

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