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Procurement 101

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Welcome to Procurement 101, the beginning educational block to becoming more familiar and proficient with procurement processes and strategies.

This training will not incorporate everything different businesses encounter as every customer manages their business differently but the core ideas around what to look for and how those may apply are consistent throughout.

Making good purchasing decisions, managing spend and suppliers, getting the best prices for your goods/services and making sure that legally you are protected in all of those approached. You will also get an introduction to supply chain collaboration and how to manage supplier risk which will create efficiencies across all lines of business.

There is no right or wrong approach as every customer may be different or have their own unique roadmap for decision making that determines which path they take.

What Procurement 101 aims to accomplish is being armed with the tools to better help you understand the specific landscape and strategies to make the right decision as to ensure you are maximizing ROI throughout the procurement cycle.

What you will have access to through this module is basics in purchasing, sourcing, contracting, supplier management, supplier risk and supply chain management through content created by Association for Supplier Chain Management, formerly APICS.

We have added some additional questions, quizzes, and key words from our customer experience to expand your knowledge in real life scenarios and situations.

Whether you continue working on your Ariba certification as an ongoing part of the Premikati Academy or simply growing your knowledge of procurement, we believe this will give you the tools to ask the right questions and create effective solutions for your team.

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