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Premikati Procurement Marketplace

Leverage spend across your PortCos with a GPO built for You

Leverage Spend to Increase EBITDA and Valuations

Your PortCos are losing the opportunity to save as much as 35% of the total cost of purchases within their organization – which can impact EBITDA and valuations.


Running on SAP Ariba™ Buying and Invoicing, the trusted leader in procurement products, Premikati Marketplace is your one-stop solution for capturing and containing transactional expenses while uncovering hidden savings and opportunities.

What Do You Get with Premikati Marketplace?

Controlled Spending
Limit user access, control specific commodities and create price thresholds to decrease rogue spend.

New Sources of Savings
Access a high-quality, trusted list of ESG-centric suppliers to save you time and money and increase your PortCos compliance scores.

Healthy Supply Chain
Streamline the entire buying process and simplify your vendor management.

Price Savings
Companies like yours see up to 35 percent cost savings on products you already buy frequently.

Rebate Savings
Receive a rebate of 1.5% of all Premikati purchases with your P-Card when you use the Ramp card – the corporate card of choice for Premikati partners.

Process Savings
Reduce the ad-hoc buying process down to hours instead of days or weeks.

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