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Challenges for Measurement Systems

Often the measurement activity gets ignored because participants face problems, and consider the effort to be too time-consuming or irrelevant.  Below are a few of the challenges that organizations face.


Cause or Result

Too many metrics

Cannot focus on priorities or find meaningful information

Disagreement on what should be measured

No buy-in from participants, no link to strategic objectives

Too much data

Too time consuming to find relevant data

Incorrect or old data

Not relevant for improvement, or not provided in timely manner

Only focused on short term

Does not tie into long-term or strategic objectives

Not enough detail

Cannot determine root cause of issue

Driving wrong behavior

Focus is not on the correct objective

When faced with any of these challenges, it is up to the organization to re-assess the measurement being used, making sure to align the objectives corporately, and revise if the correct data is not available, or improvement cannot be realized.

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