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Cloud Computing

Cloud-based data enables a more connected supply chain by streamlining the collection of data from multiple sources and platforms.  Data from all positions in the supply chain are combined to create a unified account of what is occurring.  Cloud-based applications also provide more universal accessibility to the data. Businesses can connect to their suppliers, no matter how large or small, without having to integrate their individual technologies.

Applications of Cloud Computing

Applications of cloud computing are:​​​​

  • Business process as a service: industry-specific processes, employee benefits management, travel, procurement
  • Software as a service: financial software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, supplier relationship management (SRM) systems
  • Platform as a service: Middleware, databases, development tools
  • Infrastructure as a service: hardware such as servers, storage, data centers, networking

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Benefits of cloud computing include:

  • Speed of access to information
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Multi-enterprise collaboration with customers, suppliers, supply chain partners
  • Visibility to supply chain data and analytics
  • Lower implementation costs and cost-effective upgrades
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