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Sustainable Procurement Success Criteria

Developing a reliable measure of sustainability within procurement can be a challenge for organizations, especially without a widespread acceptance of the measures.  Some may be measurable in the form of cost savings or percent of improvement or reduction, while others are not.  Social responsibility criteria such as suitable working conditions and fair trade are sometimes difficult to measure if there are no quantifiable goals. 

Below are a few criteria that may be used to measure whether the implementation of the sustainable procurement initiative has been successful:

  • Inclusion of standardized, sustainable materials, and products in product specifications
  • Increased procurement spend with minority-owned businesses
  • Measured reductions in waste, pollution, and use of non-renewable resources
  • Measured improvements in reuse, recycling, and use of renewable resources
  • Increased use of reusable packaging
  • Improved inbound transportation savings and fuel economy
  • Percent of employees trained in sustainability principles
  • Increased supplier adherence to safe working conditions
  • Organizational reputation for sustainability within the supply chain
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