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Triple Bottom Line

Many experts use the principles of the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) to create a sustainability business model. TBL drives corporations to focus on environmental and social values, not just on economic values.

The concepts of TBL are also sometimes referred to as the three Ps (people, planet, and profit) or three Es (economics, equity, and environment).

Procurement and the Triple Bottom Line

Applying the principles of Triple Bottom Line to procurement would drive actions such as the following:




Supplier diversity

Reduction in total supply chain cost

Responsible use of resources

Safe working conditions

Effective use of capital assets

Responsible waste management

Supplier relationships

Meeting budget

Reduced emissions

Corporate citizenship

Best value for money

Conservation of energy

Employee diversity

Optimization of transportation

Life cycle environmental impact

Labor conditions

Sustainable packaging

Human rights

Environmentally friendly materials

Reduce/recycle/reuse mindset

Supplier evaluation and development

Adherence to standards and legislation

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