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Working with Suppliers on Packaging

Packaging is one of the greatest areas of opportunity for improvement within sustainable procurement. Working with suppliers, packaging engineers, or other organizations such as the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, can provide improvements to packaging that will optimize cost while minimizing the impact of packaging on the environment. Some examples include:  

  • Using reusable packaging and containers to provide cost savings and reduce waste
  • Reducing or eliminating the amount of material in both primary and secondary package that will need to be disposed, or end up in landfills, by using biodegradable materials
  • Designing packaging to permit recovery or reuse, such as crushing cartons in order to reuse as packaging material in the shipping
  • Minimizing packaging volume and weight in order to save on transportation costs
  • Using packaging, that when disposed of, causes minimal emissions of hazardous substances
  • Planning sizes and cubes to allow for more efficient transportation space utilization
  • Shipping product in a disassembled or flat position to allow for better volume utilization
  • Changing procedures to use reusable blankets instead of cardboard to eliminate waste
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