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Procurement and Supply Chain Consulting

Using Spend Management to Increase Portfolio Valuations

Invest in IT, Get Immediate Results

Given that 70% to 80% of a typical company’s IT budget is devoted to keeping the lights on, most companies have limited bandwidth for additional investments. For private equity-owned companies, capital is a particularly scarce resource given their leverage.

While an investment in IT can be an impactful way to help control costs and develop new efficiencies, the question is where to start. You’re not looking to tie up capital in large invest- ments, especially in IT. With SAP, IT investment no longer means getting bogged down in cumbersome projects that take months to build and years to see value in.

Whether your firm’s strategy involves exit though an IPO and strategic sale or growth by means of M&A or roll-up, laying the strongest technology foundation now helps increase efficiencies as you look to investment goals and long-term successes. Investing in IT is the number one driver for ensuring successful exits, and with SAP as your partner you can quick- ly navigate and run the best solutions to help you lower risk and increase portfolio value.

Over 76% of the world’s transactions run on SAP technology and solutions.

150 million cloud users leverage our solutions in 180 countries.

US$1.9 trillion is transacted annually on SAP Business Network.

Grow Revenues

The Path to Profit

Increasing top-line growth is the name of the game. SAP Customer Experience solutions and Experience Management solutions from SAP can enable growth through a variety of mechanisms:

SAP Customer Experience

Lower TCO

Reduced Marketing Operation Cost

Deep built-in integrations

Revenue and margin growth with fewer errors and faster on boarding of sales reps

Improved marketing and commerce performance

Experience Management Solutions from SAP

Centralize all experience data on customer, employee, brand, and product experiences

Empower every employee with the insights they need to make the right business decisions

Provide best-in-class security, compliance, and goverance

Drive action and improvement by embedding experience data into operational systems

SAP Ariba Solutions

You can control direct and indirect spend by automating the complete source-to-settle process across all spend categories, and you can control costs, manage spend, and mini- mize supply-chain risk on a single platform.

Private equity-held customers like yours are able to:

betters with suppliers through a network of 3.8 million connected companies.

Lower cost with 60% average reduction in operating costs.

Improve efficiency with 50% – 75% faster transaction cycles

Digital Transformation

The Future of Busines

Digital transformation is a fundamental rethinking of customer experience, business models, and operations. It’s about finding new ways to deliver value, generate revenue, and improve efficiency – and companies are using innovative technologies to do it. The SAP HANA platform offers the flexibility to use the deployment option that best fits your business needs and resources.

Intelligent Suite

Our intelligent, integration-ready applications help you manage customers, supply chains, networks, employees, and core processes. They are easily extensible and offer a consistent and intuitive user experience.

Intelligent Technologies

Drive rapid and continuous innovation with SAP Leonardo® technologies – a guided approach to digital transformation that combines intelligent technologies and services. You now have artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and analytics covered.

Digital Platform

Manage data from any source, in any format – and rapidly develop, integrate, and extend business applications – with an open digital cloud platform.

Rethink Your Supply Chain

If your company has several buyers who purchase from a range of different vendors, we can help you consolidate that spending into a smaller pool. Purchasing from fewer suppliers helps you streamline resources from many angles, including reducing the time you spend on sourcing and avoiding excessive delivery fees. We also help companies reap the benefits of a sustainable and diverse supply chain. Make Premikati your go-to partner for procurement and supply chain consulting.

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