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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Procurement

April 22, 2024

Training for Outcomes

"The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything." - Sean Gerety – Executive Director, National Right to Work Committee Technology indeed propels progress,…
April 1, 2024

Balancing Act: Aligning Procurement Strategy with Overall Business Objectives

Aligning procurement strategy with overall business objectives has become a cornerstone for achieving sustainable growth and competitiveness. This ensures that procurement activities not only contribute to cost savings but also…
venture capital and procurementProcurement
March 28, 2024

Protecting Your Investment: The Role of Procure-to-Pay Solutions in Venture Capital Success

In speaking with countless VC and other investment groups, the same question comes up every time, "What can I do to protect the success of my investment?".  It's a world…
March 19, 2024

Procurement Transformation Webinar

Digital transformation stands as a pivotal shift, reshaping how organizations handle growth and optimize operations. PREMIKATI brought together industry leaders to share their experiences and insights on this journey, particularly…
Suboptimization as part of digital growth in businessProcurement
March 11, 2024

The Paradox of Growth and Suboptimization

Growth is the goal for pretty much any business worth its salt. We all want that upward trajectory of fatter profits, larger market share, and bigger-isn't-always-better efficiencies. But here's the…
change management and procurementProcurement
March 7, 2024

Integrating Technology: Change Management in Today’s World of Digital Procurement

Having been involved in organization change management for over 10 years across multiple industries, I wanted to share my experiences to assist fellow change managers in the never-ending fight for…
premikati sap ariba procurementProcurement
January 2, 2024

Mastering Procurement in 2024: A Quarter-by-Quarter Strategic Roadmap for Success

An effective procurement strategy is more than just a way to cut costs; it's a crucial driver of value and innovation. As we step into a new year, let's explore…
digital transformation procurement CanadaProcurement
December 1, 2023

Strategic Innovation in Canada

Navigating Digital Transformation in Procurement In an era where technology profoundly shapes business landscapes, Canadian mid-market companies are not just participating in the digital revolution; they are leading it. Particularly…
SAP Ariba for Private equity PREMIKATIPrivate Equity
November 28, 2023

Enhancing Value Creation through Strategic Procurement

Executive Summary For private equity entities, the amplification of EBITDA is not merely a financial target—it's a strategic imperative that commands a premium in the capital markets and enhances enterprise…
Procurement during fall and the holidaysProcurement
November 22, 2023

Harnessing the Seasonal Shift: A Procurement Perspective on Fall and Holiday Dynamics

  When the hues of autumn leaves signal a change in season, it's more than a picturesque moment—it's a cue for businesses to engage in a tactical ballet of procurement.…
November 14, 2023

CFOs and Indirect Spend

Transforming Procurement: The Strategic Role of CFOs in Managing Indirect Spend In the dynamic landscape of procurement, the role of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) has…
procurement blueprintProcurement
November 14, 2023

Your Procurement Blueprint

Embarking on the Journey of Strategic Procurement: Crafting Your Blueprint for Success   In the grand scheme of business operations, procurement often takes a backseat in the limelight, yet it…
SAP Ariba LoB Award FinalistPress
October 16, 2023

PREMIKATI recognized by SAP 5 Years in a Row

Trailblazing the Path to Procurement Excellence: PREMIKATI Earns Finalist Spot for SAP’s Esteemed Global Intelligent Spend & Business Network Partner Award in 2023 In an era where digital innovation and…
September 29, 2023

From Procurement to CEO: 10 Trailblazers at the Helm

The journey to the CEO's office can take many paths, with procurement being a less heralded but critically important one. A background in procurement equips individuals with a robust understanding…
Premikati SAP Ariba Gold PartnerProcurement
September 5, 2023

Kickoff Time: What Procurement Pros Can Learn From Football Season

Summer is winding down, school is back in session, and a chill is in the air - that can only mean football season has arrived! As both college and professional…
August 15, 2023

Premikati Reaches Inc. 5000

Premikati Inc. is pleased to announce its inclusion in the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States for 2023. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, August 15,…
July 10, 2023

Procurement Contracts

Procurement contracts are more than mere pieces of paper requiring a signature; they are the bedrock of successful business transactions and play a vital role in procurement. What is a…
July 5, 2023

Competitive Sourcing in Procurement

Effective sourcing in procurement is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. For finance and procurement executives, understanding the intricacies of sourcing is crucial in ensuring a stable supply chain, mitigating…
June 29, 2023

Bargain-Bin Pants, Procurement, And The Could-Have-Been Gremlin (You Deserve Better, Part 1) 

You know that one pair of pants that’s been sitting in your closet for, like, two decades? That you maybe wore one time on a Thanksgiving back in 2007, but…
Icertis and Premikati
June 26, 2023

Revolutionizing Procurement with Icertis Contract Intelligence

Every cog in a corporate machine plays an important role, and procurement is no exception. As organizations strive for operational efficiency, procurement stands as a key driver for business success.…
Private Equity
June 19, 2023

Unlocking Value through Procurement in Private Equity

The era of Private Equity is upon us, and it is redefining traditional business paradigms. In 2022, the private equity industry saw a record-breaking $1.5 trillion in dry powder, demonstrating…
procurement managed services for PEPrivate Equity
June 14, 2023

The Undeniable Value of Procurement Managed Services for Portfolio Performance

Operating partners always search for innovative strategies to optimize portfolio companies' performance. Procurement, an often-overlooked area, presents a remarkable opportunity for cost optimization and improved operational efficiency. The key lies…
June 5, 2023

The Power of Automation: Unleashing Efficiency with SAP Ariba Commerce Automation

Businesses today are realizing the urgent need for procurement and spend management innovation. Key decision-makers, particularly those in finance and procurement, seek solutions to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and improve…
June 1, 2023

Macro Finance and Procurement

Macro Financial Concerns and Procurement in 2023: Are You Ready?  The year 2023 has presented itself as a period of financial restraint, as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) echoed. Global…
May 25, 2023

Navigating the Supplier Landscape

Unleashing the Power of SAP Ariba Solutions for Optimized Procurement and Risk Management   Supplier management has become a critical aspect of business operations for procurement and supply chain executives…
May 16, 2023

Unleashing the Power of AP Automation: A Strategic Move Towards Efficiency and Profitability

In an era where digital transformation drives sustainable business growth, one area that remains ripe for disruption is Accounts Payable (AP). AP automation is no longer just an option -…
April 4, 2023

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contracts are the backbone of modern business. They serve as the foundation for relationships between parties, whether it’s a company and its employees, a supplier and a customer, or a…
April 4, 2023

Contracts of Adhesion

Contracts are essential documents in business and legal transactions. They help to establish the terms of a relationship between two or more parties and can provide a framework for resolving…
April 4, 2023

Contract Management Software

What is contract management software? Contract management software is a tool that automates and centralizes the management of contracts. It enables businesses to track, manage, and analyze the lifecycle of…
April 3, 2023

Contract Trends in 2023

Contract management is a critical aspect of any organization's operations, and it's especially important for executives who are responsible for managing the financial health of their organizations. Effective contract management…
March 27, 2023

Best Practices to Master Buying and Invoicing

CFOs and CPOs face numerous challenges when managing to buy and invoicing processes within their organizations. Efficient financial management is crucial to maintain a healthy cash flow, reducing risk, and…
February 16, 2023

Five Ways to Ensure your Sourcing Strategy Never Disrupts the Supply Chain

Because sourcing is at the heart of any procurement strategy, it is critical to the success of your supply chain. Poor sourcing strategies have a negative impact on the supply…
Supply Chain Management SAP Ariba PremikatiProcurement
February 16, 2023

Tips for Successful Supply Chain Management

Sourcing and supply chain management go hand in hand. Successful supply chain management is the backbone behind most successful businesses. If we had any doubt, the last three years made…
Premikati SAP Ariba 2023 Procurement TrendsProcurement
January 12, 2023

2023 Procurement Trends

Procurement in 2023  The procurement landscape is constantly changing, and the strategies that organizations employ to ensure their success in the future must evolve to meet the needs of the…
Private Equity
July 12, 2022

Contract Cubes for Private Equity

Contract Cubes For Private Equity Firms   Contract Cubes Offer Powerful Advantages For Private Equity Firms Successful private equity firms know that time is something you want to have on…
Private Equity
June 13, 2022

Managed Services for Private Equity

Sourcing Via Managed Services In Procurement Is A Game Changer For Private Equity Firms Managed services providers (MSPs) bring with them a suite of finely-tuned skillsets, knowledge, and tools to…
December 21, 2021

The Future of Work: Women in Procurement

The past 22-months have dramatically altered both how and where we work. And women have been disproportionately affected. How will this change as we begin to emerge from the pandemic?…
December 22, 2020

3 Business Resolutions You Can Actually Keep In 2021

The New Year of 2021 is right around the corner, and many are breathing a sigh of relief that 2020 is finally coming to a close. After a daunting, strenuous,…
December 22, 2020

What 2021 Has In Store For Supply Chain And Procurement

As December 31, 2020 fast approaches, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that we might as well start calling the “new normal” plain-old no-modifier “normal,” because what we used to call normal…
December 18, 2020

B2B Holiday Gift Giving For Grateful Procurement Pros: Covid-19 Edition

When the snow starts falling and the Walmart speakers start fa-la-la-la-la-ing (okay, that was back before Halloween, but still), then you know it’s time to start thinking about how to…
premikati marketplaceProcurement
December 7, 2020

2 Things Your Business Needs To Do ASAP

Do you need to take a serious assessment of your business right now? For months, we’ve seen how COVID-19 has affected our personal lives, businesses, and the way our society…
Virtual CardProcurement
October 13, 2020

5 Reasons Why Virtual Cards Are The Future of B2B Spending

Virtual cards offer added safety, reduced costs, reduced waste, boosted cash back, unprecedented spend visibility, and instant reconciliation. That’s why we partnered with Ramp to bring our customers all of…
PE AnalyticsPrivate Equity
October 12, 2020

Spend Analytics At The Private Equity Level Are Critical To Future Success

Keeping spend analysis at the portfolio company level results in data silos, missed savings opportunities, decreased negotiating power, increased compliance risks, and a negatively impacted valuation and EBITDA figures at…
Private EquityPrivate Equity
October 12, 2020

Capture And Enforce Savings With A Central Private Equity Level Procurement Marketplace

A private equity level procurement marketplace such as Premikati’s PE Marketplace allows firms to maximize on savings utilizing group purchasing power and then enforce those negotiated rates to ensure savings…
Private EquityPrivate Equity
October 12, 2020

Private Equity Firms Gain Quick Wins With Optimized Sourcing

Sourcing at the private equity level offers maximized savings via leveraged buying power, the ability to standardize processes and best practices, increase spend visibility and analysis capacities, and improve valuation…
Contract ManagementProcurementProcurement Managed Services
October 5, 2020

5 Ways Legal Teams Gain A Boost From Contract Management Software

Navigating procurement contracts as a legal professional and feel like walking through a minefield, especially if your company is still relying on outdated procurement practices. A good, digital contract management…
October 5, 2020

Contract Management Software Boosts Quick Wins for Procurement Teams

Contracts are the heart and soul of procurement operations. Even a few outdated processes can slow down your team and impact supplier relationships. A modern contract management system, however, can…
procurement spokes of the wheelProcurement
October 2, 2020

The Spokes in the Wheel of Procurement

So many things have changed in 2020, what a year! But, what matters most is ensuring the spokes of your procurement wheels are all there. It really comes down to…
Premikati Contract ManagementProcurement Managed Services
September 4, 2020

Contract Management for CFOs

7 Ways Financial Departments Benefit From A Modern Contract Management System   Finance and procurement go together like peanut butter and jelly. Procurement teams must have both time and funds…
Group Purchasing Organization Premikati MarketplaceProcurement
July 12, 2020

Leverage Group Purchasing Organizations for Your Business

When you talk about Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) for improving cost savings, the most strategic way this is done is through indirect spend. For example, an organization’s expenditures that are…
CFO Spend Visibility in ProcurementProcurement
July 12, 2020

3 Ways for CFOs to Increase Spend Visibility

Summary: Premikati Marketplace bolsters the efforts of CFOs by offering an easy-to-use consumer-style B2B purchasing platform with deep, enterprise-grade spend controls and analysis tools. Premikati offers trusted suppliers with steep…
Premikati Marketplace best Procurement Software for SMBsProcurement
July 12, 2020

Don’t Let These 8 Things Happen To Your Procurement Team

Is your purchasing software pulling its weight? Poorly executed purchasing platforms not only cost you time and money, they put your company at legal and reputational risk. If any of…
socially conscious supply chainProcurement
June 26, 2020

How to Build a Socially Conscious Supply Chain

There was a time when the socially conscious supply chain was more of a side dish, or perhaps icing on the cake so to speak. For instance, after profits were…
June 18, 2020

All You Need to Know About Impact Sourcing

There isn’t any question that inclusive corporate practices and business shared values have been highlighted in recent years as customers increase their search for companies who induce rich social impact…
Premikati Procurement SoftwareProcurement
June 9, 2020

Picking the Right Technology Partner

Not all technology partners are created equal. The best run companies attract and retain top-notch talent and the on-staff management team knows how to see a project through to success.…
supplier and buyer teamworkProcurement
May 31, 2020

A Day in the Life of a Supplier

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has shined a light on getting back to the fundamentals within the supply chain. It’s really all about agility and alignment with evolving customer demands. Now,…
Organized Contract ManagementProcurement
May 13, 2020

5 Reasons You Need a Real Contract Management System

Are you still using Sharepoint or similar software for contract management? You may be putting your business at risk and losing a lot of time and credibility in the process.…
Procure to Pay PremikatiProcurement
May 12, 2020

A Day in the Life in the Procure to Pay Cycle

Even with advanced solutions available, many businesses still try to make do with their legacy systems - and manual tools -  when managing their procure-to pay process. Even if work…
Ariba Snap procurementProcurement
May 5, 2020

Procurement Lessons in the Midst of a Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the world, supply chains and procurement saw their traditional modeling around price negotiations, contract compliance, and cost control become overwhelmed with unprecedented challenges. Through…
Future Proof your Supply ChainProcurement
April 28, 2020

Future Proof your Supply Chain

Future Proof Your Supply Chain Over the past two months, every government and healthcare facility around the world has worked tirelessly to learn more about COVID-19, to treat afflicted patients…
Virtual workforceProcurement
April 21, 2020

How To Thrive While Transitioning To A Virtual Workforce

How To Thrive While Transitioning To A Virtual Workforce Summary: Many people are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. New remote workers and businesses can help foster success by…
Streamline procurementProcurement
April 13, 2020

How to Streamline your Procurement Processes During a Pandemic

Procurement Processes and a Pandemic   Within our modern era of globalization, and inter-woven supply chains, the coronavirus pandemic is presenting an unforeseen set of challenges to address. The state…
BPO for SMBProcurement
March 10, 2020

Procurement Managed Services for SMBs

SMBs Can Leverage Managed Services to Improve Procurement As important as the procurement function is for companies to purchase the products and services they need in a compliant, cost-effective way,…
spend sievesProcurement
March 3, 2020

Eliminate Spend Sieves

Eliminate Spend Sieves with a Three-Way Match   Your business is dynamic and fast paced, and you want to be on the move, getting the real work done. In this…
procurement automation for smbsProcurement
February 18, 2020

Procurement Automation: Best Bet for Growth for SMBs

Procurement Automation: Your Best Bet for Growth Is there a way to optimize your procurement processes without having to make a massive investment in IT? Can you eliminate manual processes…
procurement continuing educationProcurement
February 11, 2020

Continuing Education Resources for Procurement Professionals

5 Continuing Education Resources for Procurement Professionals For procurement professionals to get ahead in their careers and help their companies succeed, continuing education can play a key role. From formal…
environmental social and governanceProcurement
January 21, 2020

ESG and Your Supply Chain

Why You Should Incorporate ESG Into Your Supply Chain   Companies that incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into business practices can not only create more ethical companies that…
future of product shippingProcurement
January 10, 2020

Product Shipping and Procurement

The New Era of Product Shipping With the rise of e-commerce has come increased expectations around delivery service, including in both the consumer and B2B worlds. When a consumer buys…
cut procurement costs Premikati marketplaceProcurement
December 31, 2019

Cut Procurement Costs – Not Quality

A New Year's Resolution to Cut Procurement Costs, Not Quality   Many people take on personal new year’s resolutions such as to lose weight, but what’s often more important than…
holiday gifts for suppliersProcurement
December 23, 2019

Top 4 Best Holiday Gifts for Suppliers 

Top 4 Best Holiday Gifts for Suppliers  We’ve talked before about the importance of nurturing good relationships with your suppliers in the past. During the festive season, why not reach…
Procurement Analytics and Rogue SpendProcurement
September 12, 2019

Procurement Analytics and Rogue Spend

Summary: Rogue spend—unmanaged spend—puts businesses at risk of noncompliance, creates unpredictable budgets, reduces forecasting accuracy and completeness, and overall reduces business profits. By using spend analytics, rogue spend can more…
Premikati SAP Gold PartnerPress
September 12, 2019

Premikati, Inc. Announced as SAP Ariba Gold Partner

We are pleased to announce that Premikati, Inc. has achieved the next program level in the SAP PartnerEdge Program and we are now a “Gold” Partner due to the successful…
SAP intelligent spend managementProcurement
September 12, 2019

Intelligent Spend Management

Premikati’s COO and General Counsel Chad Buchanan talks about the challenges that companies in the mid market face and their unique approach to intelligent spend management utilizing SAP Ariba technology.
5 Frustrations Procurement Professionals Will UnderstandProcurement
September 12, 2019

Five Frustrations Procurement Professionals Will Understand

Every profession comes with its frustrations, but procurement comes with its own very specific set. If you’ve been in the business for more than a minute, you’ve probably wanted to…
Best Practices to Open the Silo Between Accounts Payable and ProcurementProcurement
September 12, 2019

3 Best Practices to Open the Silo Between Accounts Payable and Procurement

Summary: Accounts payable and procurement work hand in hand, although many departments remain uninformed about the goals, metrics, decisions, and communications of the other. Businesses can breach data silos among…
top 3 procurement strategies for SMBsProcurement
September 12, 2019

Top Three Procurement Strategies for SMBs

For SMBs, procurement can be the largest area of spending, often representing 50 percent of sales revenue. For companies looking to send value to the bottom line rather than take…
Top 6 Ways to Engage Sustainable Sourcing for SMBsProcurement
September 12, 2019

Top 6 Ways to Engage Sustainable Sourcing for SMBs

Summary: Sustainable sourcing has become a consumer and investor expectation which impacts businesses not only morally and ethically, but alters customer loyalty, price point, risk level, and more. Because SMBs…
tips for midmarket procurement prosProcurement
September 12, 2019

The Art of Simplicity and other Tips for MidMarket Procurement Pros

Maribel Lopez talks with Marisol Buczynski Buchanon of Premikati on opportunities for MidMarket to take a leadership role in procurement.
intelligent spend managementProcurement
September 12, 2019

What is Intelligent Spend Management?

Intelligent Spend Management: Why it Exists, and Why you Need it Between global sourcing initiatives, product lifecycle management, supplier diversity milestones and more, the procurement operation in any sizable company…
the SMB digital transformation challengeProcurement
September 12, 2019

The SMB Digital Transformation Challenge

The SMB Digital Transformation Challenge: Why SMBs Have Typically Been Digital Laggards in Procurement While essentially every company could benefit from digital transformation — whereby they adopt digital technologies and processes…
supplier diversityProcurement
September 12, 2019

Supplier Diversity: How it Improves Business, and How it Works

Supplier Diversity: How it Improves Business, and How it Works Diverse spend is an ongoing goal for companies large and small alike. For government contractors and their subcontractors along the…
Digital Transformation in Small and Medium Sized BusinessesProcurement
September 12, 2019

Digital Transformation in Small and Medium Sized Businesses

SMBs and Digital Transformation: Is Your Company a Laggard or a Front Runner? SMBs have long been seen as being “behind the curve” in terms of transformative businesses processes. This…
Premikati and SAP Ariba Deliver Enterprise-class Procurement for SMBsProcurement
September 12, 2019

Premikati and SAP Ariba Deliver Enterprise-class Procurement for SMBs

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), shrewd spending decisions can mean the difference between failure and success. But many lack the systems and staff to make procurement a mission-critical priority.…
Premikati and SAP improve the lives of studentsPress
September 12, 2019

SAP and Premikati Improve the Lives of Students

SAP Ariba silver partner Premikati recently completed a project that provides students, parents, and schools in Florida with much-improved access to services and financial support through the Step Up for Students (SUFS)…
SAP Ariba SNAP! FAQsProcurement
September 12, 2019

SAP Ariba Snap Frequently Asked Questions

As one of only eight companies in North America that have the ability to implement SAP Ariba Snap solution that is targeted at mid-market companies, we at PREMIKATI have compiled…
Ariba Snap procurement implementationProcurement
September 12, 2019

Procurement with a Purpose – SNAP! Implementation

Marisol Buchanan, CEO of Premikati, Inc., had the pleasure to speak in NYC at SAP Ariba’s Business with a Purpose Summit – along with Step Up for Students (SUFS) COO,…
NSBA partnersPress
September 12, 2019

CEO of Premikati Named to National Small Business Association Leadership Council

Marisol Buchanan, CEO of Premikati, located in Indianapolis, IN was recently named to the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council. NSBA is the nation’s oldest small-business advocacy organization, and…
SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing TipsProcurement
September 12, 2019

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing Tips

Having been an SAP Ariba customer, employee, and now SAP Ariba BPO partner, I have seen many of the pain points of the implementation of this module. Granted, this list…
Contract management from Ariba for $30KProcurement
September 12, 2019

Contract Management from Ariba for $30K?

When a company decides it has a need for a Contract Management software, the first step is generally to send out an RFI/RFP. A number of weeks and many pages of responses…
SAP silver partnerPress
September 12, 2019

Changing the Game in Education with Step Up for Students and SAP Ariba

Non-profit to launch digital marketplace for simple, efficient administration of scholarships to low-income and special needs students August 01, 2017 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Back to…
Premikati with Aon CornerstonePress
September 12, 2019

Premikati, Inc. partnering with Aon Cornerstone

Premikati, Inc. with Aon Cornerstone Partnership, A “Win-Win” For Premikati, Inc. Clients Looking to Diversify Their Supply Chain Indianapolis, IN Nov.2, 2016 – Premikati,Inc. today announced a strategic partnership with Aon…
Premikati Transforms Contract Management with SAP AribaPress
September 12, 2019

Premikati Transforms Contract Management with SAP Ariba

Certified WBE outsourcing firm leverages cloud-based solutions to fuel efficient digital process that delivers savings and compliance PALO ALTO, Calif., November 16, 2016 – The cloud is where efficient contract management…
Premikati MarketplaceProcurement
August 21, 2019

What is the Premikati Marketplace?

The Premikati Marketplace is everything you’ve been dreaming about to streamline your purchase request to order process and better manage the relationship with your suppliers. Procurement software leader, SAP Ariba™,…
Premikati inc, SAP Gold PArtnerProcurement
August 21, 2019

Why Procurement is the Best Job in the World

When you pass someone on the street and mention procurement as a career, you’re likely to get blank stares and maybe even snores from the uninitiated. In reality though, procurement…
Costs of Your Supplier RelationshipsProcurement
August 1, 2019

What are the Real Costs of Your Supplier Relationships?

Summary: Supplier relationships can be costly in terms of both money and time investments, and can also be rife with risk. Many businesses are turning to B2B marketplaces in order…

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