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Increase EBITDA

By Leveraging PREMIKATI and SAP


How can SAP Ariba™ bolster your PortCo's Value?

SAP Ariba is more than just a procurement solution.

SAP Ariba offers a strategic business solution tailored to maximize operational efficiency, enhance supplier relationships, manage expenditure, mitigate risk, and ultimately increase your portfolio company valuations — a critical success factor for your private equity firm.

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Operational Efficiency 

Elevate performance across your portfolio with SAP Ariba. Through automation and digitization, our platform reduces manual effort, saving time, reducing errors, and allowing your teams to focus on strategies that boost value. 

Enhanced Supplier Relationships 

With SAP Ariba, foster stronger, more productive supplier relationships. Better collaboration, favorable terms, and an agile supply chain all contribute to increasing your portfolio companies’ valuations.

Expenditure Management & EBITDA Enhancement 

Spend control is crucial for the financial health of your portfolio companies. SAP Ariba’s advanced analytics provide visibility into your expenses, enabling data-driven decisions to increase EBITDA and company value. 

Risk Mitigation and Compliance

Ensure smoother operations across your portfolio companies by effectively managing contracts and ensuring compliance with SAP Ariba. Stay on top of contract terms, meet regulatory demands, and minimize exposure to potential liabilities. 
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How Does it Work?

Breakthrough efficiency is now reality.

Our tailored approach, born from deep data dives, strategically sources, optimizes purchasing, elevates suppliers.

This goes beyond cost savings to EBITDA uplift, risk mitigation, and procurement as strategic driver.

Why Premikati?

Rapid Deployments. Procurement Expertise.

Premikati is a WBENC certified Woman-Owned Business of procurement experts providing best-in-class software to maximize your company’s ROI.

When you choose Premikati, you're not just opting for yet another consulting firm — you're partnering with experts dedicated to your success. We guide you at every step, from implementation to support, to help you maximize the benefits of your SAP Ariba solution.

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