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Secure Financial Success and Procurement Resilience

Master Uncertain Markets with Strategic Spend Control and Proactive Purchasing on a Unified Platform.

How Mature are You?

Cut Costs with Laser Precision

Rising inflation and supply challenges can squeeze your company’s margins. But with a precise source-to-pay platform, you can make procurement more resilient than ever.

Proactively reduce costs in key areas, monitor compliance and supplier risks, and drive your business’s product and process innovation efforts.

Use precise spend management tools

Get full visibility into spend across all categories, such as tail spend, to drive sourcing events. Optimize high-expense areas, and even eliminate rogue purchasing.

Proactively monitor for compliance and supply chain risks

As you find ways to future-proof your business, you can use SAP Ariba™ solutions to ensure continuity of supply, protect revenue, and monitor ESG and compliance risks.

Reinvest your savings to build a better business

On a single source-to-pay platform, procurement leaders finally get tools and insights to redeploy savings toward strategic initiatives, like making the supply chain more resilient.

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Rise to the next stage of procurement maturity

Discover how people, processes, and technology components transform procurement teams from tactical to innovative in our eBook: The Four Stages of Procurement Maturity.

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Overcome Your Biggest Procurement Challenges


What if your CFO asks you to cut costs?


Instead of using blanket cost-cutting to reduce expenses, SAP Ariba™ provides procurement teams with the knowledge, agility, and tools to improve efficiency and reduce spend in specific areas of your business.

Explore Procure-to-Pay


What can you do if your sourcing team has limited capacity?


Busy sourcing teams are tasked with ensuring continuity of supply while protecting revenue.

SAP Ariba™ helps them digitize manual processes so they can connect contracting, purchasing, invoice validation, and supplier payments in a single platform.

Explore Strategic Sourcing


How do you build relationships with reliable, sustainable, and trustworthy suppliers?


To deliver on your ESG initiatives and mitigate risk, it’s critical to vet and purchase from reliable, sustainable, and diverse suppliers.

SAP Ariba’s business sustainability capabilities ensure that you can save money while accelerating corporate responsibility.

Explore Business Sustainability and ESG

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Improve Your Company’s Financial Footing

As a finance leader, you want to make data-driven decisions, mitigate risks, and unite departments on company-approved spending measures. That’s hard to do if you’re bogged down by inefficient, manual processes or working with siloed financial data spanning across multiple systems.

You need the right tools to cut through the noise and focus on strategic measures that improve the bottom line.

Make strategic cost-cutting decisions

With SAP Ariba’s single source to pay platform, see end-to-end spend across the company in real time and find ways to cut costs quickly without hindering or impacting your growth engine.

Gain additional cost-saving opportunities with AI and community-powered insights.

Get more out of your ERP

Inefficient processes for AP, payments, and treasury eat up time and cost.

Do more with less by reducing manual work and consolidating multiple systems for more flexibility to optimize payment timing and extend DPO.

Lower risk and cost leakage

Get rid of rogue spending by uniting departments around a streamlined procure-to-pay process on one unified platform.

Use pre-built workflows and set automatic spending controls to gain visibility and ensure every purchase is compliant.

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Guide Your Team to Greater Performance and Profitability

Learn how with our most popular finance and treasury resource kit.

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Overcome Your Biggest Financial Challenges


How do you control costs as growth slows without resorting to blanket cost-cutting measures?


Automate and digitize your processes in one place, so you can track and aggregate your company’s spend data – from payroll to procurement — in real time.

Get big-picture views of where every dollar is going and make smarter cost-cutting decisions. Turn to AI to uncover even more saving opportunities

Explore the Spend Mangement Platform


How do you make confident financial decisions when sudden market shifts are the norm?


Take your ERP to the next level with an AI-powered spend classification tool that enhances your spend data and gives you real time insights.

Easily create dashboards and reports to make quicker, more informed decisions.

Explore Spend Analysis


How do you mitigate costly risks such as supply chain disruptions, data breaches, and compliance violations?


Digital risk-detection tools built directly into your Spend Management platform assess risks and threats in real time, while automatic global compliance controls help you protect your company’s brand and bottom line.

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