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SAP Business Network Supply Chain Collaboration

Collaborate with your trading partners on a single, networked platform to assure supply of direct materials, through better planning, inventory visibility and automation.

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Driving agility, transparency, and resiliency across your supply chain

Eliminate siloed, manual processes across your supply chain and better collaborate with trading partners on planning, inventory, and quality management processes.

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SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration Software

The SAP Business Network Supply Chain Collaboration solution enables you to collaborate on and automate procurement transactions on a single, networked platform, improving inventory visibility, quality control, and management.

  • Improved predictability and quality of supply
  • Ability to share insights and data digitally with trading partners
  • Lower supply chain disruption, risk, and demand volatility
  • Reduced cost and inefficiency across supply chain functions

Benefits of Supply Chain Collaboration

Improve trading partner collaboration

Extend your processes across supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics partners to remove data silos, exchange documents digitally, and execute transactions.

Drive supply chain resiliency

Respond rapidly to disruption to prevent revenue loss and unforeseen costs due to stock-outs, materials shortages, work stoppages, and demand fluctuations.

Gain transparency and visibility

Leverage plan-driven process automation, historical insights, and digitalized collaboration to help ensure delivery to the right customer at the right time​.

Features of Supply Chain Collaboration

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SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration Software features
Forecast Collaboration
  • Provide trading partners with forecast visibility, including production line capacity
  • Allow suppliers and contract manufacturers to adjust and commit to forecasts sent by buyers
  • Receive custom alerts that inform you about component commitments, enabling you to take mitigating actions earlier
Procurement collaboration
  • Streamline procurement transactions with digital processes that extend to trading partners and logistics providers
  • Send digital purchase orders over the network and gain visibility of order confirmation and shipping
  • Track orders in transit so you can achieve on-time customer deliveries
Inventory collaboration
  • Gain visibility into supplier-managed inventory for improved inventory management
  • Use replenishment orders or scheduling agreements to maintain optimal inventory levels
  • Share data to provide stakeholders with instant access to the status of materials needed for manufacturing
Quality collaboration
  • Gain visibility into quality issues and complaints while aligning with trading partners to drive quick resolution
  • Eliminate manual information exchange and standardize quality collaboration with your trading partners
  • Accelerate quality inspections to increase on-time customer deliveries
Manufacturing collaboration
  • Equip your organization to work with multiple tiers of contract manufacturers and suppliers
  • Enable suppliers to report stock-on-hand inventory so you can manage strategic components and proactively detect supply disruptions
  • Accelerate quality inspections to increase on-time customer deliveries and protect brand reputation

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