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Solve Your Sourcing and Procurement Challenges

When you can’t do everything, or you don’t have the resources to do everything well –  fortunately, you can partner with the experts at Premikati. Premikati’s business process outsourcing gives you the option to offload sourcing and procurement tasks to our team. As one of only six SAP Ariba™ BPO Partners in the world, we’re uniquely qualified to handle your sourcing and procurement needs. Outsourcing allows you to leverage our expertise, supplier relationships and first-class technology solutions without the cost and headache of managing an internal team. Turn to the procurement experts and stay fully focused on your company’s mission.

What Do You Get with Premikati’s Business Process Outsourcing?

Lower Costs
Outsourcing business processes to an expert onshore team gives you high-quality business support without the salary, benefits and other expenses of an in-house team. BPO also empowers you to reduce overhead and real estate costs by minimizing on-site staff.

Greater Flexibility
The more a company grows, the more difficult it can be for them to stay agile and work in real time. With Premikati as your BPO partner, you can quickly adjust to changing market conditions and allocate resources where they’re needed most.

Better Performance
Our team is comprised of sourcing and procurement experts. We not only give you the best quality services, we can perform them with greater efficiency and speed than an in-house team member who lacks the same experience, tools and specialization.

Competitive Advantage
Business owners can easily become distracted by non-essential functions. Enlisting Premikati for your sourcing and procurement needs allows you to focus on the core functions of your business and establish yourself as a market leader.

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Need Other Procurement and Supply Chain Consulting Services?


We believe that a company should put its best talent to work on the relationships with its internal customers and suppliers, with procurement acting as a mediation group between the two. Our strategies place this relationship into the core of procurement at the intersection of legal, finance, risk management, treasury and business units. Premikati has the experience and staff to guide your company through a complete transformation project, helping you get the most ROI from your processes and technology through change management, process improvement and technology implementation.


Our substantial experience in the procurement field uniquely positions us to help with contract management. Premikati’s legal process outsourcing (LPO) services cover a range of contract management needs, from designing and implement a contract management function to negotiating contracts with your suppliers that meet your preferred terms. Additionally, we offer contract abstraction services and analyze contractual terms during a merger or acquisition.

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