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Stay out in front with SAP® Ariba™ Sourcing and Premikati Services.

Run your business better

Be ready for growth by streamlining sourcing events and bottom line savings.

Protect your organization

Allows you to have 19% more spend under management.

Create a single source of truth

Your sourcing solution for indirect and direct spend.

Gain unmatched visibility

Via the Ariba Network with millions of suppliers and technology to reduce sourcing time by 50%.

Fast. ROI.

Deliver complete sourcing lifecycle management with comprehensive RFx management, forward and reverse auctions across categories of direct and indirect spend to drive best-value cost savings.

Rapid Deployment

You can deploy this sourcing tool with an optional, pre-integrated solution that provides a savings pipeline and tracking functionality for driving and evaluating the impact of sourcing programs.

Use this to measure your success in savings and spending while gaining insight into what is working and what is not.

Source and Select Suppliers

The hunt for new suppliers can consume a significant amount of time. Limited knowledge about new markets or categories can put you at a disadvantage, resulting in expensive mistakes during supplier selection and negotiation.

Find New Suppliers

Discover new qualified suppliers through the integrated SAP Ariba Discovery solution to improve bid competitiveness. Your team can interact with suppliers in real-time using instant messaging, bidding consoles, and graphical representations of auction activities.

This intuitive user interface will shorten the event creation time down to 50%, where the system recommends suppliers and content to include in your tender, increasing user satisfaction.

Improve Process Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Significantly reduce sourcing cycle times by 50% and administrative costs by 15%.

Big Savings

SAP Ariba Sourcing delivers more frequent innovation to help ensure speed, consistency, and repeatability, and it is proven to deliver tangible, bottom-line value for organizations and industries through:

  • $26 million more savings per billion of spend*
  • 19% higher spend under management*
  • 58% higher cost reduction savings*
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