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Ignite EBITDA.

Increased Valuations and ESG
We Can Do it for You


As acquisition multiples hit all-time highs, private equity firms are constantly in search of new ways to create value in their portfolio companies.  Learn how to increase EBITDA and portco valuations through:

Identify Savings

Run spend analytics software across all of your portfolio companies to fully understand what is being purchased and from whom.  From here you can rati0nalize your vendors and standardize your processes as well as identify potential and savings opportunities.  Typical results are +4% in spend savings achieved.

Capture Savings

Buy smarter through partner led execution of sourcing events, ensuring maximized savings via best practices while getting the best possible pricing via leveraged buying power.  Typical spend savings are up around 10% per sourcing event.

Enforce Savings

Run all of your procurement events in a central marketplace for all portfolio companies to purchase items and services at the lowest prices.  Full approval controls are at the portco level and you have the ability to easily remove portcos from the system in minutes if divested.

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