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Inter-organizational Systems

Inter-organizational systems are automated information systems that coordinate information between autonomous entities.  These can use technology as simple as web portals, or involve private integrated electronic networks between partners, such as cloud-based ERP systems.  This can be used for facilitating business-to-business (B2B) processes, such as automating operations or processing and monitoring transactions.

Supply Chain Management Systems

Supply chain management systems such as network design systems integrate all members of a supply chain, e.g., suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, to facilitate the exchange of information. This could include the exchange of market information between multiple suppliers and buyers through the use of e-hubs and e-markets.

Decision Support Systems

Decision support systems (DSS) are analytical tools used to provide various alternatives to problems.  Examples include queries, statistical analysis, online analytical processing (OLAP) and simulation tools. 

Group Decision Support Systems

Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS), combine communication, computing and decision technology to facilitate problem-solving across firms.

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