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Simulate, Practice, and Send Agenda

Recall that before the planning process is concluded, it is necessary to simulate the agreement and practice potential test negotiation scenarios. The final step in the planning process is sending out the agenda.


Simulate and Practice


Start the simulation with asking the three critical questions that include:
a.    What do they want?
b.    What do I (we) want?
c.    How do we bridge the gap?


Review the topics with a rank and range.


Determine the BATNA.


Understand the influences during negotiations.


End with the asking the three critical questions again:

a.    What do they want?
b.    What do I (we) want?
c.    How do we bridge the gap?


Send the agenda.


The agenda should be sent with enough time for the other organization to prepare. Previous communications should have taken place after initial contact was made to let the supplier know you are interested in pursuing negotiations.

In the agenda, include the topics to be discussed along with logistics such as who will be attending the negotiations, the suggested day and time, along with the media used for negotiations such as face to face or electronic. Request a timeline for them to respond back with the names and title of people who will be attending from their company along with any additional requested changes they would like to make including date and time to proceed.

Some negotiations might not be this complex and can even happen more informally for standard types of materials and services. At the minimum, the three critical questions should be asked, understood and documented. This brief method of abbreviated planning will contribute to a more successful negotiation event to develop an agreement that is acceptable by both parties.

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